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Arko Global is a multidisciplinary firm with an established commitment to design excellence and client service.

It is our belief that the working relationship between architect, designer and client is what ultimately determines the success of any project.

Our creative talents, professional experience and personal involvement combined with each client’s needs and budget make for successful projects.

The firm offers a complete range of architectural services, from conceptual design to on-site supervision and project management. Working with specialty consultants, we also offer services such as graphic design, lighting design, 3D rendering and all fields of engineering.

Our interior design services include furnishing consultation, procurement and project execution.

The firm has a strong commitment to sustainable design. Whenever possible, we create projects that are highly energy efficient and are healthier places in which to live and work. The firm utilizes two highly esteemed systems in its approach to sustainable design: IGBC LEED® and Passive House Design.

Passive House Design focuses specifically on the reduction of building energy consumption, utilizing a highly technical, calculated methodology. IGBC LEED, on the other hand, is a broad-based program, encompassing a multitude of factors that go into creating a healthy and sustainable building project.

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