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Arvind Kothari

"with over 13 years hands-on experience in design and architecture, coupled with a transient marketing career, Arko is the 1st step to attain a long cherished dream.


the thought to be inspired and motivated by designing custom-made furniture and carving a niche league in the non structural domain has always been the foundation of our brand and is visible in all our projects

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Sanghamitra Behera
Product Designer

She has successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in production engineering and  master's degree in Furniture and Interior Design at NID Ahmedabad. She firmly believes that the amalgamation of design and engineering opens doors to valuable and innovative solutions. Her unwavering dedication to extensive research, user empathy, and problem-solving drives her toward creating innovative, user-centric, and iterative designs. With her interest in merging aesthetics and functionality, she strives to make a meaningful impact through her work.

2252 | Kodigehalli Main Rd | Cqal Layout | Sahakar Nagar | Sanjeevini Nagar, Bangalore-560092


Shop No 35-38 | Gayatri Tower | MG Road | Near Police Control Room | Vijaywada-520002.




Tel_ +91 8286866802 / 9916603434

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